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We are currently in difficult times for education with the coronavirus. Natalka is offering online theory tuition, along with mentoring for GCSE and A level Music. In her time at secondary school, she achieved A*s in both her Music GCSE and A level, along with a merit in grade 5 Music Theory (and distinction in grade 8 singing, and a grade 8 piano).



You can hire Natalka for events. As an experienced young soprano, having sung in operatic, choral and concert settings, she is efficient at learning music from a variety of genres according to preference. She is also available to learn and perform compositions on commission. Previous commissions can be heard in the gallery section of this website.


Natalka is a vocal and piano teacher for a range of levels.  She holds a firm belief that musical education should be fun and encourage students to learn through enjoyment. She is particularly adaptable in approaches when teaching voice lessons, as each student learns in a different way. For her dissertation at King's College London, she researched the advances in vocal technique during the nineteenth century, and emphasises her belief in the importance of body awareness during singing lessons.


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